Cat and the hat characters

Cat and the hat characters

Cat and the hat characters, but now we’ve moved onto The Cat, he is our new mascot!”

Shelley sd: “We have chosen The Cat as our new mascot because he represents our m to make a difference in children’s lives and because he is the cat that never forgets – he will always remind us of our ms.”

There will be three versions of the character avlable on merchandise: A white background cat in a yellow hat, a green background cat in a black hat, and a blue background cat in a red hat.

They will be avlable to buy as the new collection is launched in June, and the shop will initially only stock limited editions of the cat but will subsequently carry a range of items that will eventually include t-shirts and badges.

She sd: “This will be a limited edition print which, once sold out, will never be made agn. It’s important to us that this is only avlable in a limited number and that we can make sure that they sell out, so we can use our first money from sales to make our third hire next year.

“For those who can’t wt until they sell out, we’ve started selling keyrings online at £3.95. It’s also possible to buy a keyring and get a T-shirt for £10.”

Shelley continued: “We’re still developing the collection and still working out what goes on the badges and T-shirts, but these are the initial plans for a very small number of items.

“It’s going to be quite special to see them with the Cat on, and I think they’re going to really look cool when the limited edition t-shirts and badges come out at the end of the year.”

Boys and Girls in the Garden are currently recording their debut album, which is due to be finished in April, and are still planning to play an album launch gig in Bristol in May.

Shelley added: “We’re really excited to finally have a record out and we’ve got loads of exciting plans for the album launch. We want to support the band around the world, so we’ve booked a lot of UK shows, but are looking forward to the other countries we can play in.”

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