Can dogs eat catfish

Can dogs eat catfish

Can dogs eat catfish?

I was watching the BBC Wildlife on the Coast documentary last night and it showed a guy who had his boat sunk with an angler and was using a shark net to pull in the fish. There was a catfish in the net, and the angler didn't kill it. He was trying to hand the fish to the angler who took it to the shore, put it in the net and gave it to the guy.

My question is, can a dog eat catfish?

I have seen them in the wild in Mississippi, but they didn't look as big as the ones in the documentary, and I don't think the fish had been gutted. It also looked like they were still alive, but the fisherman killed them and put them in the net. I was wondering if it is safe for the fish or for the dog to eat.


We have a lot of stray dogs around here that eat anything and everything. I don't know if they could even tell it was catfish, but they would be sure to eat it. I do think that I've seen a catfish in the water and seen it get gobbled up by a dog. It just seems to happen all the time.

Well, in my part of the world, the only fish a dog will eat is the one in a can. We always keep a couple on hand in case the family runs out of catfish. (We don't have any here, but they are avlable if they ever run out.)

We do sometimes bring home a dog who is used to getting his food on our property (if the neighbors don't know about it), but it's still fish in a can for us. We just throw a couple of the can's on the stove and let them cook while the rest of the dinner is cooking.

Our dogs have eaten catfish before, but I think it's not a safe bet. We don't eat catfish ourselves, but I'd be concerned about it. You don't see many dogs that large, so maybe it's not much of a concern, but you never know.

I have a catfish in the freezer and plan on gutting it and making catfish cakes out of it. If that were to happen, I would have the cake cook for at least three hours in order to cook out all the "tastes like fish" flavour. The cake itself is usually good.

I have a catfish fillet that I have marinated in my "catfish rub" for a few days. I'm cooking it right now. It's my first time, and I've read that catfish is more easily killed and less salty than other fish. I'm not sure, so it will be interesting to see how mine comes out.

This will probably be our first attempt at trying to use a fish fillet in a recipe. We've been eating a lot of it because we got a free one from our neighbor who had a lot. We were actually surprised that it was even edible!

Our dog eats the occasional can of fish, but only if we specifically ask. He doesn't seem to care if the can is opened or not, but if it's not opened, we don't give it to him. He also doesn't like the smell of the tin.

My dogs love catfish. They will catch them and drag them up the road. If I catch any, I let them eat them too.

We don't eat them, but they do enjoy the catfish sandwiches we make. The fish gets gutted and we season it, then we roll it in cornmeal and pan fry it. It is quite good.

We have never fed our dog catfish, but I have seen him "sniff" them before and eat them, especially when fishing. I don't think they are really safe for your dog because they have a strong smell. We do sometimes catch fish in the can, and we have a lot of stray dogs in our neighborhood that love fish. We have been known to give them the fish we catch.

I was told by a man from my church that it was safe to feed fish to your dog. He sd it was a protein type of food. He even gave me recipes of fish that I can make for my dog. I just need to find the time to get some ingredients.

The man in the church sd that it was safe for the dog to eat, but it was not safe for the human because of the high level of mercury that the fish contned. We have had fish poisoning before, so I wanted to do some research. I did find a link that stated that there is low risk of mercury poisoning from the food fish, but that there is a possibility of mercury poisoning from the environment. I don't know enough about the effects of mercury poisoning, so I did not want to give my dog anything that could harm him.

I'm wondering if a catfish that is still alive in the water will still contn mercury? And if I have the fish cleaned before cooking will the mercury be gone?

I did find a site that sd that catfish has no mercury, and that the human body is able to process the mercury as long as the catfish is still alive. It does state that if the fish is still alive in the water, then it is safe for the dog to eat. The site also states that catfish that are dead in the water have more mercury in their tissue than live fish, but the site didn't state that you have to be worried about any effects on your dog.

I'm still thinking about it and doing a little more research, but I wanted to give you all some thoughts.

There is a local fish market that sells catfish that has already been cleaned and prepared. I am going to get some and feed it to the dogs, and see what happens.

If they eat it, we will try to feed them live fish next time. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Catfish are good for dogs, although they're a little strong tasting. I don't think it is an issue as long