Sad dog in cage

Sad dog in cage

Sad dog in cage.

The police in our community have been telling us that the dog who attacked and killed a 2-year-old girl was put in a “secured” dog pen at the park where the attack took place.

We have also learned that the dog was put in the pen after an incident earlier in the day that caused the police to call a dog handler. We were told that the dog was being removed from the property of the victim’s parents after the incident with the police, and put in the pen at the park.

We are told that there were no fences or other containment means around the pen in which the dog was kept.

We have been told that the dog was kept in this pen from about 7:00 p.m. to about 6:00 a.m., and that while the child was killed at about 8:30 a.m., there was no evidence of the dog having been outside the pen at that time.

We have been told that the dog’s owner has now taken the dog to an animal shelter.

We are also told that no one has been arrested, although this has not been confirmed, and that the police are conducting an investigation.

We are told that the police have no intention of charging anyone.

The reason why we are writing this letter is to demand that the police arrest the person who allowed the dog to be kept in this dangerous situation. The police have confirmed that the owner of the dog has not been charged. This is unacceptable.

We also demand that the police put the dog up for adoption and not return it to its owner. The dog’s owner has now taken it to an animal shelter. However, even if the owner wishes to keep the dog, it should be kept in a secure place.

We understand that the police are not responsible for this tragedy, but they are responsible for the way in which they investigate it. The parents of the girl have not been notified about the killing of their daughter. The police have not investigated if the owners of the dog were aware of the risk of the dog getting out of the pen or not. We are concerned that the parents of the girl have not been notified and that there has been no attempt to determine who should be charged.

We are concerned that the parents of the girl’s parents have not been contacted.

We are also concerned about the safety of our children and grandchildren.

We are also concerned that the owners of the dog are not facing charges, and will therefore be back on the street at some point to harm another child.

This is the last time we will be writing this letter. If the police do not respond to our concerns and take any action, we will be forced to take matters into our own hands. We would not do this, but we feel this is our only option to protect our children.

We would like to hear from the police what is going on.




If you are a parent or grandparent, you might know this girl. Her name was Londyn Nicole. Her mom was watching her at a park. Londyn's granddad, who was also there, said the family has been trying to get the police to find out what happened to her. They haven't been able to get the police to do anything. The police don't want to know anything.

And this is what you know: the police just killed a little girl at a park.

By now, you probably know this girl as the dog owner. But her name is not being released by police or media, and her parents are not being notified. The only time the media has mentioned her name is on the police's website. That's it.

No one is talking about the little girl that died because the media and police are protecting the man.

That's what happens when the police have a dog in their control that killed an innocent little girl, and when they haven't been arrested. This is what happens when the public does not know who the man is, the police won't arrest him and the media won't identify the man.

When this happened, the dog owner was driving in a neighborhood full of little kids. We are asking you if this dog's death wasn't suspicious in your mind? We are asking if the man has been in the news because of the dog?

We want the police to arrest the man.

Let the police identify the man, arrest the man and put the case on record. We are calling on the police to identify the man. We are calling on the police to tell the world who the man is.

We are calling on the police to put the case on record, and to release the case file to the family of the little girl, so that they can see what happened, why this dog killed their child, why the police haven't arrested the man, why the police have refused to identify the man and why the media is hiding the case.

Our community is full of people who know who this man is. We need to help each other.

This man is dangerous. He is not a good person. We are all better people than him. He will kill again. He is a predator.

This man needs to be stopped, before he kills again. We don't want him walking our streets. We don't want him living in our community.

This is the only way we will be able to stop this man. We are willing to be arrested to stop this man, but we won't be arrested if we don't have the support of the community. We will be arrested if we are the only ones to arrest this man.

If you are a parent, or grandparent, or adult in the community, we

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